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Global Captive Management Solution

McCabe Law Global, in conjunction with its Partners SKJ Juris Services (P) Ltd., is proud to present world class Captive and Offshoring products to the Market Place. McCabe Law Global's partnership with SKJ Juris is a dynamic collaboration of seasoned professionals in transactional build-outs in the offshoring and captive industry. Our management team has decades of experience in building out Captive and Off Shoring platforms in the North American, European, and Asian markets.

Captive Management Service as a model has been in place since the 1980s. In the recent past, global businesses looked for inexpensive locations to shift back-office tasks. India has provided the much needed captive solution to global businesses. Since then Indian captives have emerged as strong value players by acting as key enablers of capacity and capabilities expansion.

We provide captive management services right from the selection of locations to building and scaling global teams in India. Our captive management services ensure:

•  Strong ascendency and functioning controls.

•  Information and knowledge retention and in-house process expertise.

•  Improved efficiency.

•  Excellence and proficient use of resources.

•  IPR fortification.

•  Managing competences against a strategic roadmap.

•  Delivering quality services and solutions.

We present our suite of corporate services for the global captive and outsourcing industry:

  • Real Estate Solutions - We are experts in real estate market in the financial and technology rich Mumbai/Pune Real Estate market. We have a solution for companies seeking CAPEX relief without sacrificing domestic quality. Whether your needs are 500 square feet or 6,000,000 square feet of newly developed corporate campus facilities, in the globes most dynamic business realty market, our team will expertly meet your needs.

  • Interior Build out - We know how to build out professional interior office space. We will match the trade dress and design of your headquarters and/or build to design. We have the expertise to build to LEEDS standards to comport with your firm's sustainability standards. Our experience in building out highly functional and yet pleasant working environments supports the goal of retaining a professional, stable work force that will process your work in a cost effective and high quality manner.

  • Human Resources and Staffing - Our experience in the USA and UK markets has established our team as the most seasoned HR specialist. Our deep roots in the corporate and legal sectors in India add to the quality offering we will bring to your company in providing dynamic and compliant HR programs to the captive and outsourcing solution your firm needs.

  • Immigration and Visa programs - We know that successful captive and offshoring solutions rely on the seamless flow of critical employees between HQ and the outsourced facility. Our skilled legal staff will alleviate the burdens on your legal department by providing all necessary visa, immigration, and custom services that will cover the USA, UK, and India jurisdictional requirements. Our diligent case management reports to your Legal Department provide the perfect management tool.

  • IT and ERP Platforms- Our solid and time tested IT and ERP team will quickly and successfully manage all of the outsourcing needs.

  • Captive and Outsourcing Management - We know how to manage captive and outsourced projects. Our management is US, UK, and India based. We are close to your HQ and your outsource facility. We are able to develop and execute your captive and outsource plans. Our captive and outsource projects flawlessly integrate with your firms global footprint.

  • Captive and Offshoring Transactions- If your marketing and development plan requires M&A of existing captive insurance entities, we have the experience of incubating from startups to transactional exits of captive and offshoring divisions and companies. If your firm needs to acquire an existing captive company in the IT Outsourcing, Legal Outsourcing, Knowledge Outsourcing, Engineering Outsourcing, or Business Process Outsourcing sectors in the Indian market, we are your team.


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