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SKJ Juris Services (P) Ltd.

SKJ Juris are global experts in Legal Processing Outsourcing. Crucial partners in MLG they are led by highly respected lawyers Pankaj Jain and Sabyasachi (Saby) Ghosh. Mr. Ghosh and Mr. Jain lead and manage the global infrastructure of MLG that allows MLG the ability to produce the high quality legal products with expeditious turnaround times.

Mr. Pankaj Jain leads MLG's successful IP support group. US and UK law firms and global firm's IP Departments have turned to MLG for critical support in protecting and developing Patent Portfolios. Mr. Jain leads in providing MLG’s client's with Patentability Investigations, Patent Prosecution via PCT protocols, Patent Portfolio Management, Patent litigation support. Trademark/Servicemark Due Diligence Investigations, Trademark/Servicemark Prosecutions, Trademark litigation support. Trade Secret Protection Plans, Global Trade Secret Statutory Enforcement Rights. Global Trade Secret Contractual Right Enforcement. Global copyright filings and enforcement. Mr. Jain is a law graduate from Indian Law Society, University of Pune, India and has pursued Masters in International Economic Law (LL.M) from University of Warwick, United Kingdom.

Mr. Sabyasachi Ghosh, a highly respected trial attorney leads the global litigation support teams of Asian European and North American lawyers in providing MLG’s international clients world class litigation support that enhances local lawyers’ litigation strategies. We have supported lawyers prosecuting and defending cases in courts and tribunals in Asia, Europe and North America. Mr. Ghosh’s stellar career as a trial and appellate lawyer in the High Courts of India provided the perfect base to build a successful career with US and European lawyers. His experience stretches back over the past decade where he worked with MLG partner Eamonn Dornan in developing Legal Processing Outsourcing products and services in India. Mr Ghosh is a law graduate of Law Faculty, University of Delhi, India.


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