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Contract Management

It is imperative to carry on active contract management throughout the life cycle of a contract. The major tribulations in this process are lack of standardization, intricate contracting process, difficulty in document tracking and extraction of specific dates, terms etc., absence of centralized management system.

To surmount the challenges faced in contract management, we have developed a team of experts to work in the required field. We endeavor to provide quality services in contract management, at the same time we ensure utmost protection of clients' documents.

Our dexterity in contract drafting and review is estimable. Our highly competent team handles the whole life cycle of the contract from its drafting to abstraction. We carry out drafting and review of multifarious contracts with the aid of well-trained team and dedicated quality analyst. Our vibrant team focuses on taking account of every minute detail while drafting contracts using standardized and customized templates. We provide cost-effective contract review and redlining services to the clients through standard tools and advanced contract management software.

Our team creates contract repository for the storage of large volumes of contracts in customized database. Our dynamic team makes enormous efforts for standardizing contracts and its subsequent customization. We aim at facilitating contract recovery, easy access to the terms therein, extraction of specific data, real time document tracing by providing relevant parameters in contract repository for ease of utilization for the clients.

We summarize or abstract the contracts, and highlight important terms and conditions including current boiler plate terminologies. We provide lease abstraction service for long-term and short-term leases. When approaching a lease, real estate professionals must arm themselves with a broad knowledge of lease terms, a comprehension of standard transaction methods and the experience to know the difference between boilerplate and highly negotiated lease language. MLG's Abstracting and Lease Administration department is staffed with lawyers, in which you can have confidence in since this team is armed with decades of lease reading, summarizing and updating experience. MLG's Global infrastructure is utilized to provide the industry leading standards in Lease Abstraction and Administration. We emphasize on accuracy and operational efficiency in the process of summarization and abstraction. Our summarized or abstracted versions of contracts are easy to comprehend and provide a correct gist of the contract. Our services are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the client.



Contract drafting and review

Drafting and review of various types of contracts.


Creating contract repository

Standardizing contracts and subsequent customizing of contracts.


Abstraction of contracts including leases

Summarizing contracts and highlighting important terms and conditions including current boiler plate terminology.


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