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Inductive analysis

In Inductive analysis market research method, MLG starts with general observation and tries to make predictions. For example, when you observe that in general a discounted price of a product boosts its sales, then you analyse data to confirm this. Once you notice a trend in this regard, you can come up with a theory based on this fact. However, it is possible for the conclusion to be false after research based on findings. Probability is often an issue. Inductive market research is beneficial for gathering information to support your observations. This is where MLG plays a vital role as its market research team is highly skilled in gathering such required information.

In Inductive approach, our team gets involved in searching patterns from observation and the development of explanations and theories for those patterns through series of hypotheses. Our Inductive approach aims to generate meanings from the data set collected in order to identify patterns and relationships to build a theory. At times, MLG also uses existing theory to formulate the research question to be explored. MLG's market research team observes Patterns, resemblances and regularities in order to reach conclusions or generate theories.

MLG's Inductive reasoning begins with detailed observations of the world, which moves towards more abstract generalisations and ideas. When following an inductive approach, beginning with a topic, MLG's market research team develops empirical generalisations and identify preliminary relationships as they progress through their research. In inductive reasoning, we follow "bottom-up" approach to knowing, in which we use observations to build an abstraction or to describe a picture of the phenomenon that is being studied.


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