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Legal Research

Pointed legal research is the key to preparation of effective pleading documents, which decides the fate of litigating parties. Ahead of litigation, a sharp legal research enables a party to decide if litigation is a solution or a protracted course of action sans benefits.

The litigators handle court actions and meet aggressive deadlines in clients’ interests. In such time constraint, at times they may not devote attention to legal research activity, which they know, is of prime importance to their clients’ matters. There can be a situation when a litigator is not left with sufficient time to engage the service of a paralegal or an associate to do the job given the rarity of time at his disposal. Doing everything singlehanded becomes a herculean task in a pressing situation.

Such are the situations when we can extend our support to the litigators whether he is a solo practitioner, partner of a small or a mid-sized law firm.

We maintain comprehensive resources in providing legal research to our clients. Our team utilizes State and Federal legal online tool such as Lexis-Nexis.

We research case laws and legislation which may impact each client's cases/ issues in question. We subsequently provide a brief of decided cases or detailed analysis and summarization citing the substantive facts of each case or law, and the impact of each issue.

-  Case briefing            Summarizing a case into: (1) Title and citation, (2) Procedural Facts, (3) Procedural history, (4) Issue/s, (5) Holding/reasoning, and (6) Disposition.


- Case analysis           Researching case law on various legal software platforms in connection with legal issues, analyzing same and preparing legal memoranda in IRAC/ CRAC methods.


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