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McCabe Law Global (MLG) was formed in 2012 by a global team of Lawyers and Business Development Professionals. The mission of MLG's team is to leverage the years of experience they have in creating new global markets and building their clients' business operations to support the new markets.

MLG has provided Legal Support services to In House Counsel, Law Firms, Insurance and Risk Management Departments of Corporations. MLG provides cutting edge Market Research and Due Diligence Investigations for M&A Transactions, Marketing & Sales Platforms, and Government & Trade Associations.


MLG's proprietary iLBD™ (Integrated Legal and Business Development) has successfully built out Start Ups, SME business Turn Around and large corporations infrastructure that allowed MLG's clients to gain a competitive edge in their respective business sectors.



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MLG is having high expertise in providing legal support to various law firms and corporations throughout the globe. With the vast experience of the global team of lawyers, MLG is not only skilled in providing legal processing services to its clients but also specialized in providing other legal support services including litigation drafting, document review, legal research, etc. 


MLG provides transactional support which involves researching, preparing and reviewing the documents that bring individuals and companies together. MLG's transactional support team is engaged in closing contracts for large corporate mergers and acquisitions to closing documents required to purchase a house. Read more...


MLG Market Research is relied upon by clients to address growing and or contracting market conditions in order to make strategic decisions with respect to their business. MLG’s research methodology is unique in that both deductive and inductive analysis is utilized with thorough investigation techniques that are based in MLG’s meticulous legal roots. Read more...





Transactional Support

Due Diligence Investigation
Multi-Jurisdictional Survey
Plant/ Real Estate Acquisition
Distribution and Chain Supply Analysis
Contract Management
Business Plan
Corporate Governance
Intellectual Property


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